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Web Services, software and mobile app development service provider in Egypt

Qowwa is tech startup looking to empower local businesses that move the Egyptian community forward by providing them with a wide variety of web services starting from web design, web development going to e-commerce application development and mobile app development. Qowwa is not just seeking to do business with clients, it's aiming for long-term relationship with local and international clients to support them with whatever they need in the field of software development and mobile app development to help them achieve the maximum benefit of what they get from Qowwa.


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Custom Application Development
Website Design & Development
Mobile App Design & Development
e-Commerce App Development

Together, we're marvelous!

If your business is in a field that is social by nature like healthcare, education, alternative energy, environment, etc; or if you're just fulfilling basic needs of people who are typically underserved. Qowwa is your tech partner. We're ready to tech-enable your processes or build your online presence.


Take a look at some of the modern, clean and fully responsive websites we worked on.


Located in Alexandria, Egypt, our talented and enthusiastic team is ready to work on your project!

Mohamad Hussein
Founder & Software Developer

Founder and software developer. Moved back to Egypt to establish this.

Soha Salem
Web Developer

Although her favorite meal is shrimp spaghetti, Soha writes quality non-spaghetti PHP code. Passionate about programming and a great problem solver in general.

Salwa Hussein
Business Developer of

MBA holder with lots of love and consultancy to offer. An added value to the business side of Qowwa.

Zyad El Sayyed
Android Developer Intern

Although he has an iPhone, Zyad is writing Java for the Android platform. Gaining some experience before graduating with a bachelor degree in engineering from the German University in Cairo (GUC)

Salma Amer
Web Developer Intern

Mohamed Saad
Graphic Designer Intern

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