3 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are Crucial to your Startup

3 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are Crucial to your Startup

Are you a co-founder of a startup who is looking for a place to work from? A place that is quieter than a café and has more facilities than your home office? Co-working spaces is what is best for you.

Co-working spaces provide entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses or who are expanding horizontally with accessible, fully-equipped and shared offices at low cost.

1- More cost-effective than having your own office

When we first started Qowwa and it came to deciding on the location of our business, we never gave a second thought before going for the option of co-working space to save money. Money-wise mindset is all you need when you are starting up to evade dealing with the astronomical digits on the bill you will eventually receive from your brokers. You need every penny.

2- Networking opportunities

The saying ” it’s who you know, not what you know” nails it. Co-working spaces are going to increase your network.

I, myself, got introduced to a front-end developer through the co-working space I work from. ( I don’t know whether you still work from a co-working space or you have your own space now! It will change the tense to “used to work”). Surprisingly, this front-end developer becomes my right hand and we have been working together since then. “Community” is a key word in the co-working spaces as you will eventually grow your connections and build a community when you seek and give assistance.

3- More business opportunities than you’d ever expect

If you think that your business comes to the fore through brochures and flyers or only through a casual conversation over a sizzling cup of coffee, you miss a lot. Qowwa got two of its clients from just being physically located in the co-working space where these clients have been.

Renting and setting up an office is not that affordable to startups, and starting from a co-working space can save some bucks. But that’s not all. We met people who we ended up working with them. We met people that became clients, then friends.
The entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Northern Egyptian city, Alexandria, is getting stronger every day with the impact co-working spaces are having on it.

That is to say, co-working spaces are not only going to save you the money and the effort you need to look for a place, they also bring connections and potential clients right up to you.

Author: Mohamad Hussein

Founder of Qowwa and a software developer.