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Who is the Client?

Barreau is our first product. It is the culmination of a great deal of research in the field of law, where lawyers face several problems in their work. Barreau tries to solve these problems by easily linking lawyers and their clients while maintaining an organized filing system.

What did the Client need?

It was found that lawyers face several problems during their work, among which are:

  • The lack of an efficient means of communication between lawyers and their clients
  • The huge amount of paperwork a lawyer has to sift through to find a document he/she is looking for
  • The lack of online marketing tools
  • The amount of time wasted by a lawyer to update his clients’ with information on their cases

How we fulfilled our Client’s needs:

We were able to fulfill our clients’ needs by developing a cloud software for lawyers, with an application to go with for mobile devices for clients. This software helps to:

  • easily connect between lawyers and clients by having clients receive notifications and see updates of their cases on the application installed on their mobile devices
  • Provide a one-stop storage space for lawyers to scan, save and organize documents online
  • develop a website for each law office that subscribes to the service

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